Amato Peace is an American rapper who produces, writes, records, mixes, and masters original tracks. Born as Peter Michael, in 1993, he grew up in in Peekskill, NY and taught himself how to create music. After over a decade of independent practice, Amato took his skills to Berklee College of Music, where he received a Master’s degree in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation.

Peace is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, and a performer who delivers thought-provoking conscious rap music. Local fans describe pure electricity and passion whenever AP grips the mic. His songs set to explore matters of independent thought, human connection, and self motivation. His debut album “Mindful” was released in September, 2017, and this marked a new beginning. Amato Peace has since released many projects, including his second album A New Dawn, for which he hosted, and sold out, a release concert. He stays involved with the local community by performing at fundraisers and teaching music production workshops.

AP has grown his brand, from the ground up, by creating unique expressions of rhythm and poetry. The meditative, yet energetic, vibe he creates is something long desired amongst conscious rappers and gives insight to those who take the journey through the mind of Peace. His passion has enabled him to efficiently manage the many components required to be a successful independent artist. Amato Peace continues to create new music and content, on his quest for greatness.


by Amato Peace

There is something incredible about giving my full focus to a blank slate and creating something that inspires others. If you look at the journey as a whole, you might be afraid to take the first step. But, if you let yourself go and dive into the depths of you, perhaps, without realizing, you will soon arrive at your destination. Once you are there, the question remains, where will you go next?
— Amato Peace